Thursday, October 7, 2010

American Girl Club - Rebecca - Week 4

For week 4 of Rebecca we celebrated Passover!  It was a little strange getting ready for Passover in the Fall. 
We started out the night  discussing book 4 in the series.  The book didn't really talk much about Passover.  It was mostly about Rebecca getting to go to the Movie Studio that her uncle worked and it happened during Passover.  But, I really wanted to teach the girls about Passover.  I have a book called Passover that tells the Biblical story of the first Passover and then goes through how it is celebrated today.  So in the beginning I read the entire book to the girls.  Then we went through the 2nd half of the book again and did many of the things that are done at Passover.

Here is everything all set up and ready for us to start...

On the board I wrote the Hebrew names for all the things on the teaching plate, the plagues, and the lyrics to the song Dayneau.

My sweet girls!  
The girls sitting around in a circle with the items they got to try from the teaching plate.  (Parsley dipped in salt water, horseradish, Charoset and Matzah.)
Trying the Charoset.
The teaching plate.
The Four Questions craft. This we put together so the girls could learn what the 4 questions are.  I made the template on my computer.  You can download it HERE.  
And of course we had to hide the Akifomen!  Here is the winner who found it...
We ended with NEXT YEAR IN JERUSALEM!  And then moved on to our craft.  

Here are the girls working on their craft.  
In the story Rebecca is very impressed with the stars on the dressing room doors at the Movie Studio.  So we made our own!  

Here is mine, which now hangs on my closet door.
It was a wonderful night full of meaning and learning new things.  (Oh, and we ended the night with Egg Cremes for snack just like Rebecca had in the book!)
To read about our family celebrating Passover in past years and to learn more about Passover click HERE.

Happy Homeschooling,