Thursday, September 9, 2010

American Girl Club Rebecca Week 1

So this week was the first night of American Girl Club for the new school year! It's hard to believe we only have 4 girls left to study and then AG Club will be over!

So here is what we did for night 1 of Rebecca 1914...

After saying hi to all our friends from last year and introducing the new girls to the club we had a brief discussion of book 1. Then we started our craft for the night. Over the Summer a friend of mine whose husband is Jewish gave me a big box of handmade lace that his grandmother had made. She knew we were getting ready to study Rebecca who is a Jewish girl from Russia and thought we could use the lace. She was right! In the very first story Rebecca makes lace doilies to sell. She uses the money to pay for her cousin Ana and her family to immigrate from Russia. So for our first craft we made doilies!

Here are the girls working on their sewing.

To make these I cut a small square of beige muslin for each girl and then they sewed the handmade lace around the edges. They all came out beautiful! I think grandma would be proud!

After we craft we had a special speaker that came to talk to us about the Jewish faith.

He brought along a lot of neat things to show the girls!
Here he is showing them the Shofar (Rams horn) that is used as a call to worship. He was an excellent speaker! He held the girls attention for a full 45 minutes! We had Challah Bread for our snack so he even sang the blessing over the bread before we broke it. Since it is almost Rosh Hashanah we also learned about that (Although he talked about all the Jewish Holidays.) and we had apples dipped in honey to celebrate the sweetness of the new year! He taught us a few words in Hebrew and even wrote come Hebrew for us on the white board. In my daughters words "He was AMAZING!"

After the speaker we had time to do our geography worksheets for New York and Russia. (The girls have done these on each place we have studied and are putting them together in a notebook.)

It was an wonderful night! We are thrilled to be back with all our friends and even have a few new friends who are joining us!

Happy Homeschooling,


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