Thursday, September 30, 2010

Good Chemistry

So my oldest son is doing Apologia Chemistry this year.  We tried to get him into a class with other local homeschoolers but they all filled up so fast we ended up doing it on our own.  Now, I am actually kinda glad because it's really FUN! 

We are on the 3rd experiement so I figured it was time to pull out the camera and document what we are doing.  Today's experiement was 2 parts.  First off we were calibrating our thermometer.  Then we took water from freezing to boiling and graphed the results.

Here is my geeky boy being totally happy to find out that I actually got him goggles to wear as the books recomends!  LOL

Then the experiementing began! Reading the directions and
stirring the ice.
 Hanging out with his lab partners!  They were all giving me their most Sciencey looks!  LOL
Now for some stirring on the stove....
Me "teaching" Chemistry!  Which is funny if you know me and realize I haven't a clue about Science!  (But, I am learning as we go.)
 Writing up his results....
The finished graphing.....

I love my kids and am SO happy that all the time we have spent together has given us "good chemistry"!  LOL

Happy Homeschooling,