Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mad Science - Under Pressure

We have some exciting changes for Mad Science this year! We have more than doubled the number of kids in our group! In order to do this we are now meeting at our church and we have 2 classes going at once. We also have a mom who is teaching a preschool Science class at the same time. We have the Portable rockin! LOL

Our first class of this year was about air pressure.

Here is what we learned:
  • Air pressure is created by the Earth's atmosphere
  • Even though we don't feel air pressure, it is all around us
  • When air is heated, the molecules spread out, and become lighter, which makes it easier for them to rise.
  • We learned about Bernoulli's principle, which states that faster moving air exerts lower pressure.
  • We had air pressure races balancing ping pong balls using air dryers
Here are the big kids they got to blow out candles using these BIG air guns...

And here are the Preschoolers who are learning about sound. The mom's are clapping out a rhythm and the little ones repeat it back.

With all the students, preschoolers, mom's and little siblings we have about 80 people in the building! It's going to be a fun and BUSY year!

Happy Homeschooling,