Thursday, May 5, 2011

American Girl Club - Julie - Week 4

Theme - Earth Day/Save the Eagles

Craft - Woven Tree

Snack - Sloppy Joe's

So this week since the theme is Earth Day and the environment I wanted to do something very earthy and very 70's.  Enter That Artist Women!  That Artist Women is a website I frequent a lot because I love the creative art projects she comes up with.  I came across months ago and I knew right away we would have to make this when we got to Julie!

The hardest part about this craft was cutting 20ish sticks that are just the right size and fresh enough to bend into a circle.  I highly recommend you don't put this off until the night before you need them, especially if there is a thunder and lightening storm!  LOL  Otherwise these were fairly easy.  The girls liked making them and they came out really cute!  You will find the instructions HERE

We also did our geography worksheets this week for Julie.  I gave them the map and two coloring sheets one about California and the other of the Golden Gate Bridge.


California Coloring Pages

Golden Gate Bridge Coloring Sheet

During the discussion time we talked about the book and read the Peek Into the Past in the back of the book.  Then I also read them the Julie's Cooking Studio book and we talked about the food, new kitchen equipment (Like crockpots, microwaves and fondue pots!) and the kitchens of the 70's.  

My daughter also made a Eagle shirt based on the shirt Julie had on the front cover of the book.  She drew the Eagle and then we cut it out of fabric and she reverse appliqued it on the front of the shirt.  I just love it!
And that was it for Julie week #4!

Happy Homeschooling,