Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sun Tea To Go!

I am trying to drastically reduce my diet soda intake.  Honestly the biggest draw to soda for me is that it's easy to grab and go. So in an effort to have something else to grab and go I have been making individual bottles of sun tea.

It seems every time I take one of these somewhere people ask me how I made them.  So, I thought I would share here.   It's super easy....

  1. Open up a bottle of water.
  2. Insert 2 tea bags.  (I use one Lipton Decaf and one Good Earth Original Sweet & Spicy™ Herb Tea - Caffeine Free.) 
  3. Set in the sun until it brews!  I usually put 6 bottles out every night when I start dinner.  Then in the morning I throw them in a small cooler along with water and juice pouches for the kids and a LOT of ice.)
Now when we head to the park, pool, lake I have plenty of flavorful decaf drinks.  I still allow all of us to get soda when we eat out or stop for drinks when we are out driving around.  But, this has really helped to cut the soda AND to reduce our grocery bill.

Happy Homeschooling,