Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sign Language

The kids and I have been taking a Sign Language class for almost a year now.  A friend of ours at church is a Sign Language Interpreter and so I asked her if she was interested in teaching us.  At first it was discouraging.  I really thought in the beginning that I was just too old to learn a new language.  But after about 9 months or so I started catching on!  LOL 

The kids are MUCH quicker at picking it up than I am.  My daughter is especially good at it.  She is the "go to gal" for all of us when we can't remember a sign and we want to sign something.  The boys are both getting very good too.  My 7 year old is really funny because he doesn't appear to pay a bit of attention in class.  (He sits on the side, fidgits, wiggles, etc.)  Then she will call us forward to sign a sentence and he just signs like it's no big deal!  LOL

It's fun and amazing now that I am "getting it" how I see sign language all around!  I notice people on TV or out in public signing.  It's fun to watch and see what words I can pick up and try to put together sentences. 

One of our favorite online resources is the Captain Valor channel on YouTube.  This guy is amazing!  He signs to popular songs and does an amazing job with not only signing, but with the using the proper facial expressions, which is a big part of the language.  My oldest son found him online because a lot of the songs he signs are video game songs. HERE is the link to his channel.

Another online resource I use often (And the kids tease me about!  LOL) are the Sign Language videos at Sprout online!  They can tease me all they want!  This lady is a good teacher!   HERE is the link.

There is also a free online ASL dictionary that I use alot.  It frustrates me a bit because for some reason all the translators keep a stern, sad expression on their faces.  So this is just useful for the hand part of sign language!  But it literally had thousands of words signed.  So it's a great resource! The link is HERE.

The books we have gone through are:

Signing Fun: American Sign Language Vocabulary, Phrases, Games, and Activities (Click HERE)

Signing for Dummies (Click HERE

It has been a lot of fun!  I have loved taking an actual class with my kids.  It's fun being a student WITH them instead of the teacher or mom for a few hours a week.  When I was waiting for my son to take his test the other day at the College I picked up a brochure about their Sign language Interpreter Program.  Who knows?  Maybe I will enroll in the program in 10 years when my youngest graduates from homeschooling!.

Happy Homeschooling,