Tuesday, April 5, 2011

70's Style Jean Messenger Bag

I loved my daughters jean purse so much that I had to make one for myself!

Can you believe I found mushroom fabric?  I don't think more 70's inspired fabric exists!  LOL

I made mine a messenger bag style because I need it to close.  My husband has a pet peeve about me carrying a purse with an open top.  So when I saw the idea of making this style HERE I fell in LOVE!   I spent a LOT more time making this one than the one we made for my daughter.  Which is kinda funny because if you look at it mine looks a lot more rough and unfinished.  But, since I put my handbags through the wringer I knew it needed to be STURDY!

The jeans I chose were in a bag I have collected from other people for upcycling projects just like this one.  I chose this pair mostly because it was a good size for a purse for me.  The other advantage is that this pair is SUPER worn and possible date back to the 70's!  LOL  The first thing  I had to do was patch all the holes.  I cut my mushroom fabric and put it under each hole and then zigzagged around it. This really gave it a funky 70's vibe!

The Fabric

I wanted it to look very hand done, because that is how these looked in the 70's.  Next I lined it with the mushroom fabric.  I highly recommend a denim needle for the machine if you make one of these!  I, of course, didn't have one and I broke a couple needles trying to sew through belt loops and seams putting in the lining.  Then I used a piece of the leg to make the flap.  I wanted to preserve the frayed bottom of the pant leg on the front.  So I sewed the other three sides and then left extra fabric to fold up inside and let the fraying hang down.  I also added rickrack to the front of the flap. I LOVE IT!

Here you can see the inside frayed part of the flap.
And here is the front of the flap with the fray peeking out like fringe.

For the strap I left all the seams on the outside and then cut the edges with pinking shears.  I also tied it in a knot before sewing it on just to add a bit more funk! I am hoping the edges will unravel over time.

The strap.

Pretty far-out and groovy, huh? ;^) 

I feel a bit like I have been time traveling!

Happy Homeschooling,