Wednesday, April 6, 2011

American Girl Club - Molly Week 3

Week 3 of Molly is the Christmas story.  So even though it was March we celebrated Christmas!

Now that we are getting closer to our own time period many of the things we are reading about are much closer to how we celebrate today.  Of course WWII was going on in the story and Molly's dad was away at war.  So as we discussed the book we talked about what it would be like to have dad be away for a long period of time.  My daughter has experienced that when we last moved and the kids and I spent a year at our old location trying to sell the house.  Three of the girls in our group are also in a position where there dad is in the Army and is about to be deployed.  So there was a lot we could relate to!  One of the things we talked about was how grateful we are for the technology we have now in situations like these.  Molly would only get letters from her dad and sometimes they would take months to arrive! Since the concept of writing letters is nearly extinct I decided it would be fun to have the girls write letters to their dads!  We pretended that their dad's are away at war and the girls wrote to them telling them what is going on in their lives.  It was fun!  Plus the girls got a lesson on how to address and envelope.  I also talked to them a little about the history of the postal service, prices of stamps and the history of the zip code. After the letters were done I brought them home and put a little note in the envelope to explain to the dads why they were getting these letters.  Then I dropped them in the mail.  My daughter was very excited a few days later when hers arrived for her dad!

Our craft for the week was SUPER simple.  In the back of book 3 there are instructions for making a pile cleaner ornament.  So we made those.  The girls liked it.  They always seem to enjoy the craft that are very open ended so they can use their own creativity!

For snack we had Cinnamon Sticky Buns like they had in the book.  We also read the Christmas story from the Bible and sang Joy to the World.

It was a very festive night!

Happy Homeschooling,