Wednesday, March 16, 2011

American Girl Club - Molly - Week 5

Well, I am really, really behind on AG posts.  But, since I am back to blogging I am just going to pick up where I am now and worry about the 6 missing weeks later.

Book 5 is about Molly going to Summer Camp.  So we had a camp night!

We started out playing Capture the Flag (Like they did in the book.) This night was different for us than most because we had 5 BOYS at AG Club.  We do have a "no boys" rule.  But, it just happened that 5 boys were there doing the parent swticheroo and since we were outside playing they stayed.  Now we have 5 boys that want to join AG Club!  LOL  One little boy asked his mom if boys could join American Girl Club.  When she tole him "No" he said "Well, that isn't very nice!"  LOL

Anyway here is one of the mom's explaining the game to the kids.
Here are the rules we used.  The kids LOVED this!  They ran for about an hours straight and each team won twice.

After wearing them out we brought them in and had ice cream cones.  (Just like in the book.)  Then we discussed the book and made situpons.

I actually remember making these many moons ago when I was a girl scout! HERE are the in instructions on the correct way to make one. However, you know me, I had my own method!  LOL  I was worried that the yarn would just pull through the table cloth fabric we were using.  In the Molly book they used oil cloth, which is a lot thicker.  So we used something they would have had during WWII  DUCT TAPE! It made the craft very easy and very durable.  They girls had a lot of fun making them.

Here they are working on them.

And my daughter working on hers.

(And there are those annoying stripes again!  This time it was dark outside.  So apparently it's NOT the mini blinds!)

Anyway, it was another great night of AG Club!  We only have 6 night left and we will have covered all the girls!  1764 to 1974!  WOW!  We have been doing this once a week for 3 years now...and I have enjoyed every minute of it!

Happy Homeschooling,


P.S. BTW, several people have emailed and asked me about fixing dead links and pictures on my old homeschoolblogger blog.  Just to let you know....we are working on fixing everything and moving it over here.  But, I have over 1600 posts that need to be fixed and moved.  So it's going to take time.  So your patience is appreciated.  :^)