Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fabric Fortune Cookies

So here is another sewing project my daughter has been doing....

She made a bunch of these as valentines for her friends.  Then she made more as little take home gifts for a baby shower.  Now we have a friend who makes wedding cakes that is promoting them for her to make for weddings.  Hopefully she will get a little business going and can start saving for College!

Here is the basics of how you make these:

First she cuts a 5" circle of fabric.  Then she sews it to a piece of tan felt.  Once the 2 are sewn together she cuts around the circle with pinking shears.  The next step is to fold the circle in half with the fabric side together and sew it on the machine as in the picture above.  Then you just have to fold up the sides!  Print out a fortune and tuck it inside.


Happy Homeschooling,


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