Tuesday, March 29, 2011

American Girl Club - Molly - Week 6

So here we are finishing up Molly!  Only one more American Girl to go!  (Julie)

For the study of WWII the book Welcome to Molly's World, 1944: Growing Up in World War Two America was really our guide book.  I have used all the different "Welcome to" books as we have gone through the different time periods.  But this one seemed like we really, really needed it the most.  I think a lot of it had to do with WWII just being SO complicated.  There were just so many Countries involved and so many things that happened.  It was really helpful to have one book that pretty much covered it all.

So for week 6 we read the last section of the "Welcome to" book which was about how the war ended.  I also read them the the "Peek into the Past" for book 6 to them.  And I read a timeline of WWII to them from Don't Know Much About American History. (I have used this book a lot to fill in the blanks at American Girl Club.) It was a lot of listening for the girls for one week.  But, I wanted to make sure they had a good idea about the events of WWII before we finished up our time with Molly.  To keep them busy while I was reading we served snack which was Corn Dogs.  The funny thing is I am not really sure why I decided to serve Corn Dogs this week!  LOL  I usually try to pull something from the book that week for snack.  Before we start each of the time periods I take a day and go out to a coffee shop and read all 6 books and plan the whole 6 weeks out.  (Craft, snack and activities.  I even do the shopping that day if I can.)  Some weeks it's harder than others to find a food that goes along with the story.  Since I read the books so far in advance I can't always remember all the details from the books the day of club.  So on the way to club every week my daughter always goes through the story she just read and brings me up to speed.  So this week she goes through the whole story and then I ask her.  So did they have corn dogs?  She says "no."  hummmmm...Why are we having corn dogs?  LOL  So when we get to club I look up corn dogs on Wikipedia.  I am glad to see that they fit into the time period.  I am STILL not sure why I thought we should eat them this week!  But, the girls liked them!  I read them the Wikipedia page, told them I was not sure why I chose them and we all got a good laugh!

At the very end of the "Welcome to" book they include the story of Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes
So for craft this week we made origami cranes.

Here is the super simple version I taught the girls.
The instructions for this is HERE.

Of course the girls found the instructions for a more complicated version in the package of origami paper and made these:

We also did our geography worksheets for Molly this week:

England Coloring Sheet CLICK HERE

Illinois Coloring Sheet CLICK HERE.

Map of the USA CLICK HERE.

I can't believe we have traveled it from 1764 to 1944 now!  It's been a BLAST!

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