Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Learning To Sew

My daughter has been sewing with me pretty much her entire life.  (She is 10 now!) She is a natural at sewing.  The thing that has probably held her back most over the years is my lack of time to sit with her on a regular basis and sew.  So this school year we are working on that!  We have a designated time that we sew each week!  She has come a looong way this year fast!

Here are her 3 latest projects:

Shabby Chic Quilt

Owl Pillow
You can download the free pattern for this here: http://www.makeit-loveit.com/2010/12/snuggly-owl-for-sewing-republic.html

New Dress

I think you can get a pretty good idea from her projects what here favorite colors and patterns are!  LOL  Sewing with her is a lot of fun!  I am so glad we have been able to do it weekly.

Happy Homeschooling,