Thursday, March 24, 2011

American Girl Club - Rebecca - Week 5

For Rebecca week 5 we visited CONEY ISLAND!  This was a SUPER fun night of American Girl Club!

This sign my daughter made greeted the girls as they arrived.  My daughter and I got to club early and decorated the whole building.  We had games set up in every room.  I bought tickets at the Dollar Tree and each girl got enough tickets to play each game 3 times.  I also had prizes for them.  The prizes were candy, crazy bandz, stickers, pencils and shells.

Here are the girls playing a few of the games:


 We also had all kinds of  food that they would have eaten at Coney Island in Rebecca's time! Root beer, apple pie, baked beans, coney dogs, lemonade and cracker jacks! 

I brought some books from the Library with pictures of Coney Island back in it's prime that I showed to the girls. We also had a craft table where the girls could make a paper fan like Rebecca had in the story.

It was really nice to have a FUN night after a couple more serious weeks learning about Passover and Chanukah.

Happy Homeschooling,