Sunday, March 27, 2011

American Girl Club - Rebecca - Week 6

This week of American Girl Club was fun for me because I got to reminicse!  The final Rebecca book is about Rebecca's Aunt and Uncle going off to Hollywood!  Since I worked for ABC-TV in Hollywood for 7 years I had a lot I could share with them! I talked to them about the many different jobs in the entertainment industry including:

Production, Operations and Accounting
Broadcast, Engineering and Operations
Payroll /Accounting

I also talked to them about the different areas on a television or movie backlot such as the:

Sound Stage
Sound Recording Studios
Video Editing Suites
Master Control
Commercial Integration
Lumber Yard/Construction
Costuming /Decorators
Make up/Hair
Prop Storage
Travel Dept.

I also found pictures online of many of the above departments to show the girls. 

For craft we made a calico bag with wooden embroidery hoops for handles.  (Sorry, I can't find the pictures!) We also made a Hollywood Mobile using THIS coloring sheet.  

For snack we let the girls squeeze their own lemonade!  MESSY but FUN!  LOL

Happy Homeschooling,